July 2023

The New Birth

  Text: John 3:1-15          

June 2023

The Boundless & Breathtaking Mercy Of God

  Text: Jonah 4:5-11        

The Great Evil Of Heartless Christianity

  Text: Jonah 4:1-4        

Do You Long For Revival?

  Text: Jonah 3:3-10        

God’s Word Is The Way Of Life & Our Delight

  Text: Psalm 119:25-40        

May 2023

How To Pursue True Repentance

  Text: Jonah 3:3-10        

God’s Not Done With You

  Text: Jonah 3:1-4        

The Miracle Of Conversion

  Text: Acts 9:1-22          

The Christian Call To Endurance

  Text: Hebrews 12:1-2          

April 2023

The Saving Mercy Of God

  Text: Jonah 2:1-10