June 2024

Jesus, A Friend Of Sinners Like Me

  Text: Mark 2:13-17          

The One With Authority To Forgive Sins

  Text: Mark 2:1-12          

There Is A Fountain: A Miserable Leper And A Merciful Cleanser

  Text: Mark 1:40-45          

May 2024

The Priorities Of The King And His Kingdom

  Text: Mark 1:35-39          

The Commanding And Caring Authority Of Christ

  Text: Mark 1:21-34          

Leave It All & Follow After Him

  Text: Mark 1:16-20          

April 2024

Hear And Receive The Gospel Of The Kingdom

  Text: Mark 1:14-15          

The Beginning of the Gospel of the Glory of Christ

  Text: Mark 1:1-13