November 2021

The Abundant Life: A Prayer For Spiritual Growth

  Text: Philippians 1:9-11        

Magnify The Marveling: The Power & Authority of Jesus

  Text: Mark 5:1-20        

Pursue Gospel Love

  Text: Philippians 1:7-8        

October 2021

Deliver Me, O Lord

  Text: Psalm 120:1-7        

The Heartbeat of Christian Perseverance

  Text: Philippians 1:6        

The Priority of Gospel Partnership

  Text: Philippians 1:3-5        

Our Christ-Centered Identity And Gospel-Centered Reality

  Introduction to our new series in Philippians. Text: Philippians 1:1-2        

Holiness and Hardships

  Text: James 1:12-15        

September 2021

How To Find Rest For Your Soul

  Text: Matthew 11:28-30        

Farewell Message Jay Armstrong

  Text: Ephesians 1–6