On Mission Team
A ministry of Kihei Baptist Chapel located at 1655 S. Kihei Rd in Kihei. Ph: 875-2112 Ext 204.

Mission: Providing insight, recommendations and direction to the “On Mission” activities of KBC both across the street & across the sea.

Strategy: What does God want to accomplish in the world through Kihei Baptist Chapel (KBC)?

Praying, Growing, Giving, Going

  • Praying: God wants His people to pray.
  • Growing: God wants a fully informed Body, growing in knowledge and grace.
  • Giving: God wants a body of believers who give cheerfully to make His name great among the nations.
  • Going: God’s desire is that “none should perish.” 2 Peter 3:9
Across the Seas

On Mission In The South Pacific

The Unreached Unengaged People Group (UUPG) that we have chosen to embrace:

The Chamorro People of Pohnpei

Location:  The island of Pohnpei is located in the Federated States of Micronesia in the West-Central Pacific.  It is 1,022 miles Southeast of Guam, 2,514 miles east of the Philippines, and 3,216 miles Southwest of Hawaii.

Facts:  Island Population: 34,486.  The Chamorro number approximately 1,000. Location: Mountains, Central-East. Language:  Official is English.  Currency:  US Dollar.  Economy:  Farming, tourism.  Airport:  Yes.

Religion / Spirituality:  Indigenous religion includes an order of paramount deities with lesser spirits called eniwohs directing movements of the land, sky, and sea.  Spirits of deceased thought to be involved in the affairs of the living.  Although Catholicism is widespread, most Pohnpeians today still admit to the existence of local spirits and to the influence of sorcery. 

We are working to raise money for a future mission trip to Pohnpei.  If you would like to help with that, you may use the donate button below.

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