What we believe determines our values.
What we believe shapes our character.
What we believe grounds our faith.


We believe the Bible is a direct message from God telling us how to have a restored relationship with Him and how to live the life He created us to enjoy.
The Bible was written by human authors under the supernatural guidance of God. It is the ultimate authority of truth and our guide for Christian beliefs and living.


We believe there is only one true God, that He is real, and that He has always existed in three persons: Father, Son and Spirit.
We believe God the Son became a man in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ to die on a cross for the sins that separate us all from God and make us guilty before Him.


We believe man was created by God in His own image. He became separated from God through personal disobedience and as a result all mankind is sinful in nature and practice and now experiences physical, spiritual and eternal death.
We believe that anyone who chooses to trust in the sacrifice of Jesus can be fully forgiven and have a new life with God solely on the basis of His gracious gift.