Welcome to the login page for our Online Community.  Our hope is that you will find this resource helpful in connecting with others at KBC and keeping informed of events and ministries happening throughout the week.

Online Community is intended to help you and your family connect with others in our local and extended church community; build and foster relationships; participate in activites; grow in God’s Word and Truth; serve others; and improve communication with in the body of Chirst. Please login and join our Ohana.

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What Can Online Community Do For You
Group Management
The key to a healthy church is community. The key to community is relationships.
Group Calendars
Events such as meetings, parties, concerts, classes and fundraisers are an integral part of how ministries and small groups operate.
Personal Calendar
Ministries, small groups and members journey together and stay connected through various activities happening within your church. With CCB, every member of your organization can easily view their own Personal Calendar.
 Needs Management
A key element of any church is offering people opportunities to serve others in the community as day-to-day needs arise.
Discussion Forums
Where can people in your church go to have private online discussions, share prayer needs, and simply connect with others in a safe manner?
Event Registration Without being forced to create a login, church visitors and members alike can easily register online for upcoming events.
Event Notes
One of the exciting features of CCB Deluxe is Event Notes. This allows small group leaders, Sunday School teachers, and anyone else who records attendance for an event to attach important supplemental information to that event.
Picture Directories
No matter the size of your church, it is often difficult to “put a face with a name” when looking at individuals in the church database.File Sharing
Sharing documentation, photos and other media with people in the church can be quite time consuming and inefficient.
File Sharing
Sharing documentation, photos and other media with people in the church can be quite time consuming and inefficient.
Personal Communication Preferences
CCB gives individuals the opportunity to set their own Personal Communications Preferences. This allows them to tailor the information they receive based on their unique needs. Each member has a ‘Personal Settings’ section that enables them to select the Groups that they would like to receive updates and notifications from.